Hypertrophy (Muscle Building)

Hypertrophy training is a method used to strengthen muscles and gain overall strength. It is commonly seen in gyms and a preferred method used by body builders. Hypertrophy training is an appropriate method of training for individuals with a goal of muscle building, improving muscular definition and muscular coordination.

Muscle hypertrophy refers to an increase in cross-sectional area (CSA) brought about from a net increase or growth of the contractile proteins actin and myosin, as well as glycogen and intracellular fluids. To accomplish this increase in CSA, the hypertrophy phase combines moderate loads, repetitions and rest intervals to elicit muscular tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage, all of which act as stimuli for adaptations.

Heavy weight use increases intramuscular coordination, the number of type II motor units and the amount of muscle fibers engaged within a specific muscle. Have you ever felt your muscles shaking while lifting heavy weights? Heavy weights use demands recruiting and activating the larger type II muscle fibers which are only stimulated to work when a muscle is challenged with heavy resistance or working to fatigue and can cause this muscle response.

Lifting heavy weights elevates levels of anabolic hormones—specifically testosterone, growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1)—which are used to repair muscle fibers damaged during exercise. Muscle fibers become thicker and capable of generating higher levels of force as a result of Hypertrophy training.

Chawn Hunter


Justin Pona