Group Training

Small Group Training

Our 45 minute small group training sessions have become popular due to the benefits of working out together. When people start exercising in a group, they establish relationships and make friends with fellow members.

This session builds camaraderie, creates individual motivation, achieves accountability and assists group members in maintaining dedication to their personal health goals. Small group training is a great way for businesses to establish better communication skills and team building techniques that will increase energy and productivity within the work place.

Small Group Training Sessions

Cardio Core Session

The Cardio Core session combines balance, mobility, endurance, flexibility and strength. This session uses body weight exercises to build a lean and tone body that is functional for every age group.

Power Endurance Session

The Power Endurance session is a functional, free weight style workout for the entire body. This type of training session is a fun way to increase your muscular endurance while improving your strength and definition. We will use free weights, battle ropes, kettle bells, wall balls, suspension training, air rowing machine and resistance bands. Progression and regression of all exercises are based on your ability. All fitness levels are welcome.


Chawn Hunter


Justin Pona